Visual & Applied Arts School


  • Graphic design / message design, identity design, publishing (print and multimedia).
  • Animation / Traditional and digital 2D, video, post-production.
  • Visual arts / Narrative pictures (illustration, comics), artistic direction.


  • Free training
  • Solid common core (image, object, space) and basic education in all disciplines
  • Leisure class and Academic drawing courses (kids and young adults)
  • Preparatory class
  • Professional training (3 years)
  • Education and workshops led by profession all artists
  • internships and jobs to the facilitation
  • Graduation and personal project

Phare Ponleu Selpak Association (PPSA), with the support of French co-funding partners AFD and CCFD, is creating a new Applied Arts School in Battambang (Cambodia).

lt will simultaneously develop Phare’s existing Visual Arts School and provide students with professional training in graphic design, visual arts and animation, facilitating access to employment opportunities in Cambodia’s growing field of visual arts.

The school specifically targets young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who display an aptitude for drawing and want to engage a professional career.

Tuition is free of charge, support technical equipment is provided. They will gain the methodology and practice of applied arts, develop their personality and open the door of competence and professionalism in the field of their choice.

The proximity of the “PHARE CREATIVE STUDIO”, offers good opportunities of concrete employment for VAAS’ graduate students as they emerge into the field as newly qualified professionals.


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