> Requirements: 17 years old minimum with interview.
> 14h/week (flexible time schedule with morning and afternoon classes)


The preparatory class “prepare” the students for the profesional teaching of 3 years in visual and applied arts.

The common core teaching allows students to acquire all the necessary fundamentals in observation drawing, analysis, perspective drawing, color theory, literature review, illustration, artistic expression, visual arts culture and english basis knowledge.

The student will get all the tools necessary for the entrance to the superior classes (limited places).

– Get ready to pass examination test for the professional training (Drawing test (model), artistic expression (subject given), redaction writing (image analysis), oral).

– Making a portfolio of personal works (sketchbooks, drawing)

The schedule presents a part-time class (13 hours per week, available both during the morning and the afternoon), and provides an opportunity for those who complete their secondary education (certificate/bac) or must complete a job transition (The preparation can be completed in two years).

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Common core :

  • Observational drawing (Indoor, outdoor, object, live model) / 2H
  • Analysis drawing (Anatomy, Perspective, Still Life, Documentary) / 2H30
  • Color (Theory, solids) / 2H
  • Artistic expression (Painting, volume) / 2H
  • English / 1H
  • Arts culture / 2H
  • Portfolio


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