Pedagogical team



Srey Bandaul

Artist, teacher & founder of Visual Arts School

Drawing has always been a powerful tool, until now, on my path of life and the Phare Visual Arts School history. My first experience in the refugee’s camps in 1981 was to use a stick of wood on the earth floor for drawing Buddhist images. Later it was scenes from Chinese movies, performed once a month in the camp, before I could get my first class with Veronique Decrop, based on a step-by-step observation of our world. “Draw what you see!” as she used to say.

Back to Battambang, the main purpose of Phare Ponleu Selpak was to use drawing as a tool to support children who faced difficult social issues.

Alongside my personal artistic development, we opened the school and since the first class (20 years ago today!), there have been thousands of children who came to learn drawing, and almost 120 who gained employment in graphic design for companies, NGO or as independent professionals.

Today the young people have more choices when it comes to developing a professional career. It is now important to adapt the curriculum of our school, so as to provide actual applied art job opportunities. We want to provide to the students a complete set of skills with strong fundamental and cultural knowledge about arts, and capabilities to understand,  analyse and respond to a problem given, with creativity, technical skill and professional methods.

We have become a big family, link by drawing, and I really hope a bright future for the next coming generation!


Thor Vutha

Artist, teacher & Visual Arts School founder

When I first attended drawing classes with Veronique Descrop in the refugee camps of site 2 in Thailand, she asked me: “what do you want to do?” I answered that I wanted to draw. Then, with some basic tools my first drawings were created surrounded by the civil war.

When we came back to Battambang, the main purpose of starting a drawing school was to share and talk about trauma with the disadvantaged children. This is social work through culture and education. I really started to understand Cambodia at this time, and to know that I wanted to develop my artistic skills and knowledge.

It was in 2001, after having tried different paths, that I got completely involved within teaching at PPS in order to share my experiences.

It is very hard to be an independent artist today. Thinking about the future of our students, I really want to help them to develop themselves, both in an artistic way (find the keys for express, communicate, understanding and being understood) and in a technical way, with competences in adequacy with professionals standards and strong capacities of adaptation.


Lon Lao

Drawing, model teacher & Visual Arts School founder

I’ve belonged to the Visual Arts School since it’s origins at the refugees’ camp until now. I started the teaching class in 1994, specializing in drawing techniques. It will take time to be more confident with the new curriculum, but with all my knowledge and experience of the drawing fundamentals, I expect to bring strong skills to my students that will help them in their future professional life.

Team of teachers

• 13 professional teachers in their disciplines (visual arts, animation, graphic design, illustration)

• The team is responsible for the technical and artistic training. She is involved in curriculum development under the direction of educational leaders.

• Technical and pedagogical training regularly by experts outside consultants (graphics, animation, illustration, art history, communication …)

• Teacher training: Many of our teachers are graduates of the school Pivaut Nantes MJM in Rennes, France.



Sou Sophy

Khmer art / Color
Since I was a child, I have always been sensitive to artistic things, and my father encouraged me to attend the class at PPS in 2004. 6 years later, I had the opportunity to start and later complete my skills by teaching traditional painting. The new curriculum will make it easier to follow the progress of our students and bring them to where we expect them to be for their future as professionals.


Kou Kunthea

> Perspective / Painting / Drawing

I know PPS since 2001. Studying at a private school was too expensive and PPS was the only structure to provide drawing & painting trainings for free. After 3 years of learning I became a volunteer teacher.  Our aim is to schedule and prepare lessons in order to bring students further in their professional lives.


Chea Dara

Animation / Drawing

I know PPS since 2004 through my sister. At first I only wanted to learn a simple thing, but later on I became really interested in it. I work for the animation studio and I specialize on flash animation. I would like to share my experience and technics knowledge with students.


Buth Sunrin

Graphic design / Illustration / Graphics

I know PPS through my neighborhood. I started to learn how to draw on my first day at PPS. I joined Sonleuk Thmey in 2009. We are now in a new project involving the graphic design school and animation studio. I hope that I have the capacity to share all my experiences and knowledge with the students of the next generation to improve their skills, to build their self-confidence and to give them the opportunity to find good jobs.


Chea Serey Roat

Graphic design / Illustration / Volume

I started taking drawing lessons at PPS in 2005 and finished in 2010. I continued my studies in graphic design at BIT school. I returned to PPS and worked and trained at Sonleuk Thmey. I am becoming a teacher and I want to pass on all my knowledge gained from my teachers to my students.


Norm Phanith

Animation / Perspective / Graphics

I started at PPS in 2003 and became a part of the animation studio in 2007. We are becoming teachers of the new Visual and Applied Arts School. We would like to teach and pass on our knowledge to students of the next generation, to improve their skills, to enrich and expand the graphic design and animation field towards international standards.


Chim Lik

Animation / Drawing

I learnt drawing for 4 years, and then started working at 1000hands animation studio for two years.

I would like to share my experience working on the different projects of animation movies within the studio.


Yuom Sokoeurt 

Animation / Drawing
I know PPS since 2004. I started working in animation as an animator assistant after my 4 years of drawing classes. Now, I am a studio employee working as a flash animator and I am involved in teaching all my knowledge to the students.


Dam Soeurt

> Perspective / Animation / Graphics

 know PPS since 2003 through my brother. I started working in animation in 2007 as a background color designer. I would like to share all of my experiences in animation with students to give them the opportunity to gain even more knowledge than I have.