> Children from 6 to 12 years
> 2H / session
> Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8> 10am, 14> 16pm


The workshop is primarily done for leisure discovery, playful learning and exploration of the visual arts. It contributes to the formation of the “personality” and is a determining factor in the construction of cultural identities.

Activities install a regular practice that builds on specific learning objectives by the teacher. Education of the “eyes” and introducing a culture of sensitivity by meeting reference works. They aim to develop a mind that imagines and is embodied in the representations and gradually acquiring the ability to take into account the diversity of ways of doing and views.

3 domains of visual exploration are thus brought into play through the DRAWING, COLOR and VOLUME. A reference manual describes the various activities developed and validated by the teaching team.

The workshop is open access. The teacher adapts the activity based on the number of students and their abilities. During the year, a collective work is performed (fresco) and several thematic workshops are organized. Young students participate in the exhibition open days.


Alongside the craftroom is open access, the same activities are practiced in collaboration with teachers “Kindergarten” (early childhood) Phare Ponleu Selpak (2X2h per week). The introduction of the visual arts in the context of general education allows with the same goals, regular learning. This consistency allows the construction of a more sophisticated lesson plan, with the introduction of cycles (goals short and long term) curriculum.


KamsanCOL03KamsanDRA01 KamsanDRA02KamsanCOL04IMG_5717KamsanDRA03 KamsanDRA04







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