Professional training

Year 1 (foundations)

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  • 17 years old minimum
  • Schooling (certificate or degree)
  • Portfolio of personal works (sketchbooks, drawing)E
  • Succeed the admission test (Preparatory class is recommended)

The entrance examination consists of:

  • Drawing test (live model)
  • Artistic expression (subject given)
  • Redaction writting (image analysis)
  • Oral interview with the juries (comments on artistic expression test, personal portfolio and motivation)



Common Core:

  • Drawing Analysis /3h
  • Model /3h
  • Perspective /2h
  • Khmer Art /1h
  • Color /1h
  • Documentary Study /1h
  • Computer Introduction /2h
  • English /2h
  • French /1h
  • History of Arts /2h


  • Graphic design /4h
  • Animation /4h
  • Visual art /4h
  • Thematic (photography, video, calligraphy, sound chain, external skate-holder…)

> Monday to Friday

> Morning: Common Core

> Afternoon: Workshops + personal work

The year 1 is a gateway to higher education (year 2 and year 3). This is a real time processing of the students who will confirm and explore their potential to orient themselves for the rest of their education and professional future.

During this year they may acquire the methodology and practice of applied arts and develop their original personalities and open the door to competence and professionalism in the field of their choice.


  • Provide an artistic level and pre-professional preparation.
  • Year of probation & orientation for the students
  • Provide a broad overview of higher education (Graphic Design / Animation / Visual Arts)
  • Reveal personal applications to specific problems in the aesthetic and expressive dimension of the art environment
  • Reveal the relationship between the formal organization and the functional purpose in adapting to technical requirements of implementation.
  • To provide technical knowledge, artistic culture and know-how specific to applied arts.
  • To develop the plastic personality, creative and relevant personal method to deal with specific requests.

The courses are organized on the basis of a common core, which occupies half of the total hourly volume.

The second half is dedicated to the discovery and teaching of applied art disciplines (graphics and animation) and artistic expression.

The remaining time slots are free for students, dedicated to research, study and practical work.

Regular workshops are organized and conducted by external professionals artists & technicians.

The evaluation work will be continuous, and class council will be held quarterly.

At the end of the year all the work will be presented during the opening days to the public and a special jury (teachers + guest artists).

The student must justify his choice of specialty for higher education in year 2 and year 3.

 Year 2 and 3 (specialisation)

Year 2 focuses on the technical and methodological professionalization of the chosen specialty.

Parallel to the common core, thematic and optional workshops are offered (Masterclass and free subject workshop).

3 specializations are proposed: Animation, Graphic Design, Visual Arts.

Between year 2 & 3, the student must complete a professional internship of 2 months with one of the partnerships to the school.

Year 3 sees the volume of common core reduced to get more specialized and to focus on the personal project, which will be submitted to a jury of professionals.

A portfolio is created and published online on the public website of the school, and individual interviews proceed to prepare the employment after graduation.