Visual Arts

Visual arts produce artistic objects essentially seen by the eye of the beholder. The VAAS program offers specialized classes exploring different aspects of the medium:

  • Image (drawing/ painting/ photography/ video)
  • Object (volume/ sculpture/ object design)
  • Space (scenography/ installation/ events)

The program explores all the dimensions of the image and interviews a visual culture in perspective with its more contemporary manifestations.

Sources of production, circulation and creating images are becoming more complex and diverse, giving them an increasing role across multiple networks, writings and meanings, in whichever way they are used for artistic, communication or economic purpose.

In order to better follow the many adventures of the images, from their conceptualization to their production & their dissemination, it is appropriate to address the visual arts in a non-segmented way.

Thus the visual art program offers a complete panel of technical skills, a solid cultural knowledge and helps to develop the critical & creative point of view of the student, linked with the professional expectations.

Training is conducted in close connection with the activities of the Arts campus PPS:

  • Scenography (circus and theatre/ performing arts productions).
  • Design object (art and craft, recycled design product, furniture design…).

The Visual Arts Program offers a wide range of activities and technical skills, a strong cultural banding and the development of critical and creative perspective of students, in line with the job requirements.