> Year 1 (general education) 4 hours / week
> Year 2 (Specialty) 20h / week (+ workshop)
> Year 3 (Specialty) 35h / week (+ Internship)

The training helps control professional techniques of the entire production line in animation (pre-production / production / post-production). To understand and master the dynamics of movement, screenwriting, imaged, the workflow of sound design and specific digital animation tools (Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and introduction to the techniques of 3D).

The training resulted in the creation of individual and collective shorts and allows participation in film festivals in Cambodia and abroad.

Main activities:

  • Animation drawing: live model, morphology, perspective, motion analysis.
  • Character design and decor.
  • Writing, screenplay and film analysis workshops.
  • Animation movement analysis, traditional animation and digital 2D.
  • Direction: movie and dramatic language, storyboard, layout.
  • Research and development of color sets.
  • Chain specific work to integrate 3D.
  • Technical filming and video editing.
  • Sound workflow and sound design.
  • Special effects and compositing.
  • Specific technical language (English).
  • Methodology film production (making a short movie in a team).


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