Caricature workshop

Did you ever see a caricature artist when you were a child? You know the ones. They sit in parks, festivals, or on the road and draw your portrait. The portrait looks like you, but some features are exaggerated. If you have big teeth, your teeth look huge! If you have big hair, your hair is outrageous! This style of portrait drawing is a very precise and wonderful art form know as Caricature. And this February, our students were lucky enough to have a month long workshop on caricature drawing with Mr. Albert Tarrago.


Mr. Tarrago is a Spanish artist, animator, graphic designer, and illustrator. Currently, he is a caricaturist who is traveling around the world to share his talent and creativity with different audiences and like-minded artists. We’re lucky that he stumbled into Battambang and discovered our visual art school!

For Mr. Tarrago, the beauty of caricature is its power for cross cultural communication. Even if we don’t speak the same language, we can still share emotion and laughter through the art of caricature. For our students, this proved true, as they learned to draw themselves and each other through the art of caricature.

The workshop process began with Mr. Tarrago displaying his artwork to the students, so that they could be familiar with this style of drawing. Then he demonstrated the technique, and went on to show different styles of caricature, including pencil drawing, as well as ink and color caricature. The students were able to practice their own creations during every session.

Who knows? Maybe soon you’ll see some caricature artists from Phare on the streets of Battambang!

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