3D workshop

In 2013, our Visual Art School created its vocational training program, which includes a focus on Animation for interested students. But until now, those students could only study 2D animation with our curriculum. But that changed this March.

Thanks to a visit from animator Mr. Dara Sydavid, we were able to host our first 3D animation workshop at the Visual and Applied Art School in Battambang. Mr. Dara Sydavid is a Cambodian artist working in both 2D and 3D animation. Today, he works for the Sabay Osja studio in Phnom Penh. This studio is one of the most well-known and well respected studio’s in Cambodia, and VAAS is happy to have a good relationship with them.
Over two weekends, from 11-12 of March, and the 17-18 of March, VAAS students and teachers were able to study 3D animation with Mr. Sydavid, learning the basics of 3D construction using Maya Software. On top of this, the students were able to work on building a 3D character, and creating 3D objects.

Having workshops like this one allow our students to further develop their skills, increasing their employability, and their enjoyment of their art. We hope we can continue to build our 3D curriculum, allowing us to continue to provide high quality, innovative artistic education that gives our students the edge in the industry.


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