Huy Yaleng conference

huy yaleng conference Have you ever met a film director or producer before? This February, the students at VAAS had a chance to meet and hear from the director of a new film in Cambodia: Virakcharek.

This horror film was released in Cambodia in 2016, and had a special screening in Battambang in February. Our students were invited, and many went to enjoy the film. But few could sleep during the night after watching such a horror.

huy yaleng film producerMany of the students at VAAS are interested in learning more about filmmaking, and making films of their own. Our curriculum has a filmmaking class once a year.

Luckily, on 13th February, the film producer Huy Ya Leng came to VAAS and gave a conference for our students and teachers. During the conference, he shared his experiences producing the film Vikalcharek. He was also able to provide our students with some insight about filming techniques, casting, acting, editing, and marketing a film. It truly was a valuable experience, providing our students with expose to the realities of the film industry in Cambodia.

At the close of the conference, he had a short question and answer session, giving the students a chance to ask some of their burning questions of this successful, and award film maker. Thanks so much to Mr. Huy Ya Leng for providing this opportunity for our students!

conference student group

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