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Original Title: Yatterman Night
  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Science Fiction
Channel: Tokyo MX,BS-TBS
Description: In ancient times, a stone in the shape of a skull, which has a mysterious nature, came to Earth from the cosmic expanses. With his appearance on our planet came a new era. It was characterized by the confrontation of the bandits of the criminal gang "Doronbo" and heroes from the organization, Yatterman, who considers himself the incarnation of the forces of justice.nnBut, it is the case of bygone days, and how do things stand Now? The descendants of Doronbo vegetate on a barren island lost in the ocean. And among them - the main character of the series " Yoru no Yatterman, a young girl named Lepard. And Yatterman live in the blessed Kingdom. So it appears that the Lepard forced to address Attermann, because only they have the magic drug that can cure the girl's mother. However, the characters are not so noble, to deny this request, but because the woman is dying.nnThe lepard decides to personally punish Yatterman. To do this, she joins the Doronbo gang. She will not only punish those who are responsible for the death of her mother, but also try to get out of the rocky island, where normal life is simply impossible. Because it is fully paid for the sins of their ancestors. Or at least genuinely believes it.

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