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Mika and Pete are American special agents. They once had a chance to save The President and his First Lady from death. Whether as a reward for this noble and Patriotic act, whether as punishment for some other sins, but this pair were sent to Warehouse 13. This object (of course, super-super-some secret)-hidden from the eyes of strangers warehouse, which are buried from around the world visited in this world artifacts.nnArtifacts - these are things that are legendary-such as a spear, which the legionary pierced Christ on the cross. Ah, or other things, which people attribute the magical properties. The bell that Pavlov rang his experimental dogs and comb of Marilyn Monroe is one of them. All this America keeps in its Hangar number 13. The problem is that the guardians are sure-move one of these artifacts into the world, give it to the people of villains, and something terrible will happen.nnTherefore, the cold, always focused on the case of Mika Bering and charming dolt Pete Latimer are forced to serve at the facility "Warehouse 13". Well at least, with the colleagues they were lucky-in the warehouse has already picked up well, a very peculiar team, with which the service will not be boring for sure.

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