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Never before has the human race undergone such drastic and rapid changes. Of course, changes are expected not all of humanity, and a separate layer of people whose genome changed artificially. Of course, this is not people, and mutants, but with such special abilities, which did not dream of mere mortals. Adjustments to the genetic code are made at a young age, but these children will be more terrible Faust Goethe.nnA significant proportion of mutants believes that because of their superhuman abilities now they have to rule the world. And they do not just think so, but begin to systematically implement their plans. Naturally, human society instantly begins to hate and fear them. But among these genetically transformed individuals are those who are trying to protect humanity from their aggressive relatives. They form a group calling themselves X-Men.nnThis animated series with its simple and somewhere even naive graphics has a strong scripted component. There is no absolute evil and 100% good. The characters are "alive", that is, having in its nature rudiments and light and darkness. There is no such thing that in each episode positive X-Men invariably and necessarily save the Universe: everything is more complicated, more complicated, and therefore more interesting.

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