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The main character of the new American sitcom "See Dad Run" is a successful television actor David Hobbs. On the screen, as the selection, it plays only the head of household – responsible, kind and intelligent, which members of the household happy. And here he gets the chance those same qualities to manifest in real life. His wife – ex-soap Opera star who was offered a prominent role in the new project. So now he will have to spend more time at home. nnThe problem is that in the cruel reality, David is not a very good father. His children are accustomed to with their problems immediately run to his mother, avoiding the dad side. And the problems they have – more than enough, like any teenagers. My older daughter is not going well with the young man, the youngest is almost a black sheep in their environment, and the son – so all the tangle of unhappiness. nnA certain dose of spice to the series, "Oh, this Papa" gives the main character played by Scott BAIO – thirty years ago, he played just exactly the same character in the TV series "Charles in charge" became a cult. David Hobbs virtually written off his character. Here is such a boomerang after three decades. And does from the new series of mothballs, be addressed solely to the audience.

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