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In the near future (as says the series "Lawyers of the Magi", in 2018, the year), the wizards will become a very significant force. They will be called "voodoo", and they will play an important role. However, most of humanity will remain normal people, and therefore wary of wizards.nnOften "voodoo" accused of unjustified use of their magical powers. After all, unusual abilities and assume appropriate responsibility. To protect the rights of mages in the human court are taken by their lawyers. And among them there are not only hardened lawyers. Take Cecile. She was only seventeen, but already it is clear that she is extraordinary and you'll go far. Even on the way the device in the magical law office she managed already to find his first client. What will happen next?nnThe employer happily satisfied with the prospective girl. But he suspects that the problem with this boy genius will not be gathered. For example, it comes to the real leaders of "voodoo". As it turns out, they not very happy with those, that humanity subordinates itself mages. Wizards would like to radically change the picture of the world. Will Cecile, as a magician's lawyer, help them in this, or will she try to destroy these plans?

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