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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Long island, these days. The sisters Freya and Ingrid are daughters of Joanne Bosham, who raised them alone. For the time being, they live a normal life of young American girls, unaware of what forces they are subject to. Ingrid is older, she has a typical work of" old maidens " - librarian, and personal life is really not glued. Freya's younger and slutty. She works as a bartender, is going to marry a rich playboy, and at the same time flirts with his mysterious brother.nnWhen Freya tells Joanne about the imminent marriage of the girl and learn of his terrible secret. It turns out that their mother — the strongest immortal witch, standing on the side of good and fighting evil. And they — witch to become the next generation of cursed the family Bocharov. Their aunt Wendy, bold and tough, had long persuaded her sister to tell her daughters about their features, but she resisted. In past lives, when the girls find out her secret, it inevitably soon died. And Joanna so wanted this time to see daughters adult, beautiful young women.nnThey are indeed immortal, but this does not mean that they can not be killed: just by dying, they are born immediately. As soon as girls learn about the real nature, danger really begins to wait for them at every step.

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