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Since then, as man is carrying minds also, his began pestering the main question: "Who I such and that there is the world around me"? There are many variations of this ancient riddle: are people Alone in the Universe?nnTo answer the questions whether the universe is finite, whether there are parallel worlds, whether we can move faster than the speed of light, and many others, the authors of the series turn to the news from the front edges of science – the results of research in the field of Astrophysics, string Theory, Astrobiology. Each episode is devoted to one topic and is full of so much information that only the skill of the creators of the "Wormhole" (so you can still translate "Through space...") allows even a simple viewer not to get lost in what he heard and make a clear idea about the subject under discussion.nnSeparately to say about the drive. The extraordinary truth about the Universe is presented to us by the famous actor Morgan Freeman. It is the narrator who is trusted: it is clear and smooth speech without inappropriate jokes and unnecessary turnovers. And, of course, on his face – a kind smile wise man's life.

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