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Original Title: The Originals
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: The CW
Creators: Julie Plec
Language: English
Description: Each family, as a unitary state, carries its own set of laws, orders and rules. Ticklish problems arise with the growth of the family, then the muted quarrels emerge and the spirit of rivalry revives. Gradation undergo and family foundations Ancient. Vampires of the first wave: Niklaus, Rebecca and Elijah – the main characters of the events taking place in New Orleans. Their still young children, thanks to the magic methods, the first turned into vampires. On this step had to go their parents Michael and Esther. It was the only way they could protect their children. The situation was intrigued by the fact that Klaus is a non-native child in the family, and the son of a werewolf. Thus, he was destined to become the firstborn of the crossing: part vampire, but more beast in wolf's clothing. The uniqueness of his transformation in that one bite at the end of the day leads to death of the vampire, and he found eternity. New Orleans meets the heroes with a sinister plot, which is initiated by the imperious and intolerant vampire Marcel. The city has unquestioningly obeyed this charismatic protégé of Klaus ' in the past. Unwillingness to obey the orders of his student Klaus leads to confrontation, which takes you in the whirl and fragile Alliance with a coven of witches, led by Sophie. An unexpected perspective is presented to the viewer as a lyric. It is known that vampires cannot have children. But it is absolutely not a hybrid werewolf. Casual relationship Klaus and Hayley the vampire journey to life. How will the immortal and seemingly callous Klaus treat the child? One of the intrigues permeated with romanticism.

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