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Laura diamond has a difficult and dangerous job, because she serves in the murder Department of the new York police Department. And serves brilliantly: the most intricate crimes sooner or later succumb to it. On business she often finds himself in the crosshairs of a gun criminal. On this account, Laura has a sentence that always saves her life: "Put down your weapon, or I open fire on the count of three." Laura survives only because the trigger invariably presses on the count of two.nnOne day, detective diamond comes home after the service and sees with horror that all the walls have become blood red. If it was not her own home, and the crime scene, there would be no doubt: it is a maniac painted the walls with the blood of his victim. And so it turned out that it frolicked two of her twin sons of younger age. Raising boys is not easy, if only because the most common phrase in their speech, "Mom, forgive us, please" – so often they are mischievous. Laura's always been a single parent. Because she had to be the mother not only of these two little rascals, but also of her husband, who also served the law.nnNow spouses are on the verge of divorce, but the woman, apparently, doesn't regret it – hardly she will notice any changes. That's it, juggling work and household chores, and Laura diamond lives. Despite her employment, she is a very good mother. And despite the problems at home, it is a great detective-if necessary, and the chief, who violated the law, will bring to clean water.

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