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Seven decades have passed since avatar Aang defeated the Fire Lord. "The legend of Aang" was a complete story, but the creators managed to make a sequel, no less interesting than its predecessor. Korra is a fearless rebel from the southern water tribe. She managed to master the magic of three elements – i.e., Water and Earth and Fire. To understand the power of the final element, the Air, it is sent to the Republican city-because there lives the teacher Tenzin.nnThe Republican city hosts representatives of various Nations. There is always the world coexisted with ordinary people and mages. But lately it's not about consent. Crime blossoms in full bloom, besides people decided to rebel against the power of magicians. Korra we need to learn from Tenzin's airbending. After all, her skills will be useful not only to curb crime. It will have to prevent an uprising that could destroy the Republican city.nn"Korra" series, which curious children and adults. If the beginning, " Aanga "was focused more on younger children, the" korra " created more for a teenage audience. And this is understandable-after all viewers the first parts of for this time have grown up.

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