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The junction of the detective and mystical genre in the series has recently become almost a new trend-so it is popular. That's "The Frankenstein Chronicles" creators originally conceived as a detective mystic drama. And they intended to make a true British Thriller, in which the epic was reinterpreted not only the literary source, but also the cult of the picture, and taken not only based on the novel by Mary Shelli. In General, they sought to make a classic postmodern project, and they did it quite well.nnThe series takes place in the English capital in 1827. At the center of the story is an inspector named John Marlott (Sean Bean). It would seem that during his service in the London police, he had seen so much abomination and faced so many dangers that nothing shocks him. But then there is a meeting with Frankenstein, or rather, first with the fruits of his "criminal activities".nnAnother investigation leads detective Marlott to the city slums. Serves as a hideout for thieves and murderers, openly selling drugs, and a fallen woman. The crimes that the inspector trying to uncover, is extremely complicated, so it is not just going on the wrong track. And when he gets to the truth, it will be worse than the most terrible of all his nightmares.

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