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As the years go by, humanity develops and moves further into Space, comprehending the secrets of the Universe and discovering new worlds and ancient civilizations. Another discovery of modern scientists was an Ancient city located in the galaxy called "Pegasus". Dr. Daniel Jackson found it. And now the command of the Stargate was assembled a group of scientists to be sent to a distant galaxy. Everyone was eager to start studying the most interesting discovery. Brave scientists enthusiastically went on a journey through the Gate.but outside the milky way things didn't go as smoothly as expected. The calm that reigned in the Ancient City was imaginary. Instead of peaceful animals researchers were waiting for a meeting with unfriendly races of Wraith and Replicators. They proved so dangerous, that could destroy life on Earth, not to mention scientists. From that moment on, the life of the whole team becomes a race to survival. The lives of crew members are constantly exposed to deadly dangers, every day is full of surprises and threats. But brave scientists minds do not cease to fight for their lives and the existence of their home planet. They are constantly searching for a way to return home.

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