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The mid-19th century. British Explorer and Explorer of the Arctic circle John Franklin decides to organize an expedition to the canadian coast. The goal is to find a unique passage in the waters of the Arctic ocean to significantly reduce the path from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. The man managed to get to search for the latest British ships "Erebus" and "Terror". Carefully prepared, the team goes on a long voyage. At first, everything goes well, but then strange things begin to happen. Ships suddenly disappear from radar, and then lost contact with the land. This greatly complicates the further course of research. The cause of the problem cannot be determined. Soon out of nowhere, a sea monster, so huge and bloodthirsty that both ships with their crews, find themselves in mortal danger. Later, the sailors begin to disappear, leaving absolutely no trace. Brave sailors try to get out of this situation, but gradually the chances of survival are falling.

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