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The land of the future has become too small for the population. In addition, everything has been studied here and people got bored. It seems that there is nothing to do on such a thoroughly studied planet. That is why, the views were, as before, throw in the exorbitant world. The closer the celestial bodies are studied, the greater the desire of earthlings to leave their home. Obsession was the search for extraterrestrial intelligence that can surpass human. In addition, the researchers proved that this possibility is not excluded. In this regard, the study of outer space began to develop rapidly and of course, progress was on the face. In addition, in the near time monitoring of nearby planets was taken into the hands of people. It's the 25th century. After numerous studies, the Earth became part of the Union of a number of planets. In addition, many races have been identified during numerous expeditions and studies. At the moment, it is the turn to decide the fate of the human race. For this purpose, and was created by a starship called Orville. In the center of the plot is the main character captain Mercer. In the field of astrology, this man has no equal. Behind the shoulders of men there are in addition to ideal theories, numerous practices. But, unfortunately, he is not quite everything went smoothly. After a man broke up with his wife, his relationship with colleagues are not the best. But, he needs to start and complete one of the most difficult missions in his career.

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