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The province had committed a cruel crime, soon, law enforcement officials found the body of a girl. The inspector begins to investigate the case, believing that it is usually a murder based on personal hostility, and no more threads e exists, but immediately from the start it becomes clear that the work will be a lot, the picture how the maiden struggled with the maniac in an inexplicable thirst for survival why the last surf of death appeared on the suburb of this city. The truth was not simple, the conclusion did not promise much luck, and was more like a test. It was necessary to understand what forces pulled the villain on an ugly act, now he, probably, lives and succeeds in other similar abominations. In a terrible nightmare, the guardian of order suffers losses. Whether the COP will be humiliated or delighted with his own work is now unclear, but it will be long and unbearably difficult to dig. The servant rushes about, as if through a maze looking for clues. Correctly focusing on the question, be sure to be able to find the answer

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