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Not only on land constantly occur a variety of crimes. The seas and oceans were also not left without attention of criminals. Moreover, they are sure that here it will be much easier for them to turn their illegal Affairs. After all, it will be able to catch them on the water, where the danger of losing life is much greater than on land. And in the Ocean there was still a huge amount of unexplored territory, which none of the countries agreed was so easy to give neither enemies nor allies. At this point, it was decided to create an Association that will investigate in the ocean and try to deal with all the problems. however, while the guys surf the oceans they come to mind as well and look for treasures, which at the bottom of the sea very much. After all, then they will not be bad to distinguish. But unfortunately everything is not so easy, and they forget that not all the treasures can be so easy to drag on Board the ship. Now they have to make sure on their own skin that many myths and legends, as well as curses that go around the world are true. Heroes will not only deal with the criminals who are on their territory, but at the same time with the evil spirits that they got from the bottom of the sea.

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