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Who are scholars? These are people who know everything, little by little, about everything. For them on television special programs where they can flash the knowledge are thought up long ago and even if it is lucky, to earn on it some money. Such TV shows mass in each country, there are they and in of England. But, the British would not be British, if on the basis of this did not create some kind of mind-blowing TV product. And they created-this QI.nnIn the name of the transfer is not in vain rearranged letters of the most famous intelligence quotient. In this transfer "shoot" not encyclopedic knowledge, and first of all ingenuity, sense of humour and improvisation. It is not always necessary to answer correctly, it is often better to answer wittily. Although, some knowledge still does not hurt. The formula is simple: lead and four players, one of whom is the face of a constant, in fact, co-lead.nnJohn Lloyd – one of the most authoritative producers and screenwriters of the British entertainment television who created tens of the most popular shows became the inspirer of "Kiuay". As a lead he didn't invite anyone but Stephen Fria – man is both smart and witty. It is no exaggeration to say that fry-the key to half the success of this TV project.

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