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According to the plot satirical anime "Shimoneta to Iu Gainen..." in the near future, the powers that be, concerned about public morality, adopted a law that forbade any dissemination of information that is intimate. After this in Japan began the era of consensual boredom. But, not all agreed become puritans. Thus, Okuma Tanukichi actively struggled with this moral totalitarianism.nnThe boy in this regard was lucky with his father – he also did not succumb to the machinations of the system and in every way defended the naturalness and normality of natural needs. Thanks to this advanced the pop Tanucci had extensive knowledge on the subject. Moreover, he even arranged a kind of terrorist attacks, more like dirty deeds. But when the hero transferred to another school with an impeccable reputation, he honestly tried at first to behave decently. And all because of the head of the student Council Anna, in which he fell in love.nnMount Tanucci his notoriety overtook him. Schoolgirls, forced to behave like nuns, did not leave the guy alone, pestering him with questions about the sweet forbidden fruit. Was particularly curious beauty AME, Katagiri. The girl headed the local anti-social group and immediately decided to involve a newcomer in it.

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