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Say, that most ghastly test – glory. But in fact, it turns out that the main tests of man are waiting for when earthly glory passes. Holly Hamilton and Charlie Contour were once popular starlet. In a famous television show, they played the role of young sexy detectives, able to unravel the most mysterious crime, simultaneously driving crazy all met on the way to the investigation of men.nnIt was in the distant 90s, and then the girls knew the whole country. But then the show closed and the path of the stars dispersed. Charlie Contour are easier to adapt to a changed reality. She got married, had children and began to enjoy the life of a housewife in a suburban mansion. But Holly Hamilton could not forget about the old days of glory, which she brought the blue screen.nnAnd then one day in the life of the characters cross again. Women found a longtime fan of their show. He accidentally found out that one crime was committed by a couple of young girls. The man decided not to go to the police, and turn to Holly and Charlie. He believes that they have real detective skills and investigate the case better than professional cops. Former friends agree to start an investigation, because this is a chance not only to come into contact with their star past, but also to check – whether they really have the skills in solving crimes.