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The criminal police of South Korea has an excellent forensic scientist, who was dubbed "Buddha's messenger". It contributes to the rapid disclosure of almost any business, and the guy really loves his job. The main character masterfully mastered criminology and has excellent knowledge in the field of medicine. Sometimes he says things that his colleagues think he is a real encyclopedia, which is updated daily with something new.

for the benefit and great potential, the leadership of the police Department highly appreciate such an employee. However, this does not help to get rid of the nightmares of a past life, which the guy unsuccessfully tries to erase from memory. Every night he worried about the dream from which there is no rest. But when the medical examiner began an active collaboration with Interpol, the problems at the time failed to forget. It all started with the appearance of a serial killer in the city. To search maniac thrown all forces. The criminal is very cunning and careful, and it will not be easy to catch him. But soon comes the realization that his nightmares are connected somehow to these murders.

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