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Legend of the Ancients is one of Japan's most popular online role-playing games. When there is some failure in the program, in this fantasy world are locked 30 thousand gamers. They can not log out, so they have to build their new life on the rules of the game. The horror that the fairy world and reality, ruled by swords and magic, two big differences.nnThe main adventurer "Legend" (this is the status for players) – young, Shiroe. His nickname – four-eyed cunning, and, despite his age, he is a veteran of MMORPGs. Together with friend Naotsugu and killer with an excellent the face of akatsuki (probe) he organizes corps "Login Horizon", soon becoming very influential. Shiroe, consolidating his authority, becoming mayor of a major city, and then establishing the Council, gathering representatives of the main guilds in the world of "Legend".nn"Log Horizon" is a solid story with a strong plot, intelligent dialogue, written characters and detailed world. Thanks to all this, the series will be interesting not only for old MMO gamers, but also for people far from computer games. The creators do not abuse specific terms, and occurring immediately clearly explain.

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