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Darken Rahl-cruel and ruthless ruler, who captured almost all the lands of this Universe. On the way to power, the ruler does not stop at anything: he is a warlock, he does not know love and pity. A pretty girl, she decides to deal with the darken and to find the Seeker, giving him the legendary Sword. But the beauty of the hunt and eventually saves her simple Forester Richard, who at first sight fell in love with a charming warrior. Ironically, it was a simple Forester who was destined to become a Seeker, as well as to accept his difficult mission. From now on, it is our hero and only he will be able to defeat the ruler of Rahl and free these lands. various dangers stand in the way of travelers, but the eccentric magician is always ready to help. A young man and a girl fight with their own love, because they are not destined to be together. Any touch can lead to irreparable consequences, and then the fate of millions of ordinary people will be predetermined. Darken Rahl tries hard to stop the Seeker and his brave girlfriend, but in the end love, friendship and the truth gain a crushing victory over evil and cruelty. We wish you pleasant viewing!

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