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Adolf Hitler-one of the most recognizable personalities in the history of mankind. A dictator, a murderer of millions of people and a conqueror. His life is still shrouded in hundreds of rumors, fictions, and sometimes facts. People who were in his close circle of friends over the years shared some observations and amazing stories about Hitler.nnThe biography of Adolf, which is told by historians, is always narrated from different sides. Someone says that he was extremely unhappy and deprived of attention by the person, and someone considers him the real tyrant and the maniac. After all, only such a person is able to consciously go to the destruction of entire Nations. And to glorify one nation over another is racism in its purest form.nnHitler's death is still not a completely clear question for most. And disbelief in his death appeared immediately after the official statement of death. Popular was the theory that the dictator left the country and staged his funeral. They said that Adolf took refuge in South America, but is it true? What facts can testify to this?nnThe full restoration of all events of that time, using a variety of hard-to-reach sources, should finally give an adequate and reasoned answer to this question. However, it should not be ruled out that world politics, being a very confusing and sometimes frankly dirty thing, can cover up the traces of events that should not be widely publicized.

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