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Ted Mosby has two children, whom he loves very much, as well as his wife. He is a successful architect who has developed a life. But it is now, and in the past he had a lot of adventures and different events that you can even tell your son and daughter, because they are old enough to know it. Ted wanted to tell them the story of his acquaintance with their mother, because he took the children, put in front of him and began his story...

in his youth, Ted lived in new York and was very good friends with Marshall Erickson. When a friend rushed to share the news that he was marrying his girlfriend, The main character was happy, but at the same time and thought about his own life. He suddenly also wanted to start a family, because it was necessary to go in search of a girl resembling the role of wife. Then he meets the beauty of Robin. Now the children know her as \"aunt Robin\", but their mom and Ted will meet again soon. Before that, he will experience many different events in his life, which means that children will have to listen to his stories for a long time, learning all the new details and details of his daddy's life.

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