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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The main characters of the story a guy named Roman is considered a real outcast, because all the inhabitants of a small town in Alaska avoid him, do not communicate with him, talk about him only bad. All this is due to the fact that the kid's mother was a witch, and from her he received a powerful gift. Roman sees all the spirits, ghosts and demons that roam the earth and sometimes invade people's lives. Such a talent can not frighten others, but in addition to fright, everyone as one shows contempt for the Novel, so the guy simply can not stay further in the city. At the first successful opportunity, he sat down on the bus decides to leave his native land, but a terrible accident breaks off this attempt. During her to die in the Affair, and of course the residents of the city, it makes even more anger to the guy. However, in addition to the accident begin to occur and other strange cases that lead to death. The district filled a ghosts, bully peaceful people and set their traps everywhere. Very soon this guess everything, but any attempt to leave the town end in failure. The only bridge has collapsed, and now people are trapped. Every day the light goes on a few innocent people and slowly the horror covers all. Only in a moment of utter despair do they begin to look at Roman in a completely different way. He's the only one who sees spirits, and therefore could bypass their traps, without fear for their lives. From the rogue guy very quickly becomes a hero of the city, which hopes every resident.

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