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Bender gets jealous friends to Snapper, who from the moment of salvation gets more and more attention. In the end, the robot pulls the tooth fairy in the toilet. Leela is crying, but Professor Bender implant chip that allows the work to experience the emotions Leela. Friends go down the drain to save the pet.Zapp Brannigan is being stripped of his position as captain for destroying the new Building of the democratic Union of Planets. Professor Farnsworth takes him in and makes him a member of the crew of The interplanetary Express. Soon fry and Bender decide to make him their captain, as Leela grumbles at them, and Zapp promises to allow to drink beer and walk in shorts.Titanium prices skyrocketed. Bender sells his own body because it's 40% titanium. It is redeemed by former President Richard Nixon, who now represents just the head. Now Richard Nixon intends to become President of the Earth. Previously, he could not do this, because the laws of the land of the future forbid those who do not have a body to run for President.About all this in the second season of the animated series.

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