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From the Creator of Beth Simkowski, presents a 30-minute series of action with horror in real time, which involves well-known personalities and social networks of America.
in the story, during classes on Saturday the alarm sounds. As students of Kent high school, these children know what a warning means. Since there is a chemical plant in the city, students are already accustomed to calls, and it's like another activity for them.
this time, however, things are different. When the sirens finally stop screaming, everyone heads out to the school lobby to discover the explosion that has leveled the entire city. Although there are no signs of life outside the school, those who have not been able to find shelter in the bunkers seem to be infected with something...
From this moment on, the city formed alliances and everyone can check out the companion for a friendly relationship. Can anyone here stay alive? How far has the chemical contamination spread outside the town? All this will find out the heroes of the series personally.

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