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  • Drama
London of the 19th century, this is where the events of the series called "Dangerous luck". One of the bankers of the famous family opens his own factory, which, unfortunately, later goes bankrupt. In addition to the fact that it shattered the family of the protagonist, the bankruptcy of the enterprise was a bad factor for working people, because they were left without means of subsistence. Hopelessness makes sir Thomas to commit suicide. After himself, he left his son Hugh, who no longer had relatives other than his uncle Joseph. It was this man who took the boy to his upbringing. Uncle feels his own guilt, because if he had helped his brother, he would have remained alive. Providing the boy with care and giving him a good education, Joseph considers him almost his son.
as soon as the boy grew up and came of age, he was already well versed in banking. Since Joseph's own son is poorly versed in the family business, the man has high hopes for the boy. But not so smooth, because the aunt does not like young man and he is trying to ruin the life and reputation. The treacherous woman tells everyone that he is a Freeloader from a poor family. What should Hugh do then?

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