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  • Drama
The girl, immersed in listening to music and wandering through the expanses of the Internet, walking down the street does not even notice how several guys walking nearby begin to run away unexpectedly. She does not even bother the dark time of day and when she takes off her headphones, an unknown person with an ax suddenly creeps up to her. One powerful blow he deprives his victim of life, and then dissolves in an unknown direction. A man finds in his cell to store the key to another cell, it is of interest and he decides to use it. Opening a new, he finds it an official paper which stated a person voluntarily agrees to the transfer of bodies to the nearest hospital. Next to the paper is the third key. Another cell gives the man a few thousand dollars and another lock pick, but this time from the section that is in the basement. Feeling some trick, he still goes there and finding the right locker, opens it. In it, he suddenly finds a man who is freed, puts an unknown means to the hero in the body, and then pushes him into the closet instead of himself and closes. Another case will tell about a girl who spends a lot of time at home and increasingly it seems that someone is watching her. To make sure she's safe, she sets up security cameras all over the house and goes to work. Back, it first looks at the video, which confirmed her guesses. At the time of her absence to the house someone is really snooping around and what's more, he's still here. The girl came back too early, and he hid in the closet. Armed with a knife, she rushes to the door and kills the intruder when trying to escape. Not knowing how to be and what to do with the corpse, the heroine goes to the darknet to ask for advice from its regular users, because there are regularly rotate people that trade murders, discuss them and even upload videos.

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