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  • Comedy
Betrayal can shake anyone, especially if it comes from native people. The main character was not lucky, because her own children betrayed her. In spite of the fact that the woman devoted all herself to native people, they decided to be engaged with own hand already in the families. The woman has an older daughter who, despite her independence, has not yet met happiness. She knows that the actor in whom she is in love, will never pay attention to another fan and in addition, it can not put in order their Affairs. With my son, too, is not all right, because he continues to sit at home, but categorically refuses the mother's care. The second daughter, to start life from scratch, decided to move to another country. Of course, the mother knows what the daughter is going to get married and insanely happy about that. But, who would have known that this event would cause a series of troubles. Fate was prepared the woman a lot of not very pleasant surprises. Well, what could have happened that completely changed the lives of all the characters in the series?

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