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We believe that the British sense of the absurd at its core, but if you watch at least a couple of Australian series "Danger 5", there will be no doubt: the inhabitants of kangaroo of the continent in terms of TV idiocy will give odds to all Nations in the world. The printed word trash and waste occurring on the screen, it is impossible to convey, but, as I need to... nnThe madness begins with the story: the 1960-ies, the surviving Hitler builds new plans to conquer the world. Obsession of the führer opposed to the "Dangerous five" - a team of superspy, which is headed by a white boil with a white head. He speaks little, gives orders, mostly by shotgun. The main fascist're protecting someone, and dinosaurs-Nazis. Moreover, their plan to conquer the world is to steal the Statue of Liberty, then steal other significant historical monuments, combine them together, and in this way to get a robot that will crush everything in its path.nnTo tell the content of the series is really stupid: I feel very stupid. Because, first, will also have to tell you that Hitler was still trying to be the first kid of the graduating class of a typical American school, and the Five fought and shrimp killer with pumped psychotropics snakes. And, secondly, because when you look, you just forget about the brain and just laugh.

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