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Life Larry David from California is full of exciting events and problems that a man himself creates. Petulant character, stubbornness, self-confidence prevent to establish excellent relationships with other people, you can not even talk about reaching compromises. Larry David never listens to someone else's opinion, and the wife and close friends and do believe that a man needs the help of a psychologist. An experienced specialist would help to deal with the problems, but stubborn Larry does not want to listen to anyone. All his life he sought to become a successful and respected person in the world of cinema. Today he is known as a famous screenwriter, while people believe that in his declining years, a man enjoys life, savors his own achievements. He does not need to worry about material prosperity, for a long time he will be in demand at the Dream Factory, but close people are sure that the man is concerned about something and just does not want anyone to devote to their problems.

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