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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The action of this series takes place in the near future when Los Angeles is occupied by troops, but no one knows from whom they are composed. Will Bowman, the main character, also found himself in captivity, like the rest of the city. People are cut off from the world, they can not contact anyone, do not understand what is happening and how to escape. In addition, Bowman's son was taken away, and this was the most terrible for him. For the sake of the child he is ready to move mountains therefore goes to look for it.
will sneaks into a closed restricted area to ask for help from one person who has long been engaged in the provision of specific services. At first everything was going calmly and according to plan, but then the truck, which was traveling hero, blew up, and he will just miraculously survived. Then he was arrested and brought to a meeting with a representative of the new government Snyder. This person suggested that the Bowman collaboration. He wanted him to infiltrate the rebel group and lead them to its leaders. After that, the main character returned home and told his wife about everything. Together they will have to make a decision that will be crucial not only for their family, but also for many other people...

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