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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The main character of the story named Cardia, as if doomed to eternal suffering. The girl doesn't talk to anyone, has no friends, no relatives and therefore constantly one. Despite its attractiveness and normal character, she is confident that her loneliness will continue and over time it is unlikely that something will change. The whole reason whether illness, or curse that may have afflicted Cardio, but in any case, her skin secretes a poison that is not harmful to the girl, but deadly to those who touch it. Because of this, people do not just bypass it, they are afraid of Cardia and hate her. So young girl account for to live in old an abandoned house, which she not leaves and where constantly thinks about his father, which now is unknown where is. In his childhood he tried to support his daughter and always said that one should not to trust anyone and even more to fall in love, because this will be followed by pain and disappointment. And Kardiya made him, like the laws themselves, following which she feels secure. But from the evil of some people can not escape. Local people call her a monster, although the girl is aimed at trying not to hurt anyone, they still see her as a threat, which should be urgently get rid of. This leads to the fact that the local authorities sent to the house of Cardia specially trained and equipped squad of fighters, whose purpose is to end the girl. A guy named Arsene watching this can't just look at it sitting on his hands. He helps Cardia to escape and gradually becomes her friend, together they flee the city, going in search of the girl's father, who in her opinion still needs to know why she is and how to cure or lime this curse from her body.

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