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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
In reality, described in anime "Charlotte", some teenagers account for even harder, than their counterparts in the usual world. More precisely, those who have to the usual difficulties of adolescence added more and suddenly appeared superpowers. They have to cope not only with the awakened libido, but also learn to manage the acquired superpower.nnThis phenomenon is a teenager Yu Otosaka. He came to realize that it is not known for what merits got amazing ability for a few seconds to become the master of someone else's body. After playing with the acquired paranormal gift, the young man on Mature reflection decided once again not to show others his ability – so to live more calmly.nnBut when Otosaka became a freshman, he had to open up. It happened after the guy was confronted with Nao Tomori. She was President of the student Council, but not normal, and mystical. She Tomori able at will to become invisible, while vanishing for a certain person. Also in the mysterious Council is able to teleport, Jezero, Tacazze and medium Yusa nishimori's. If Otosaki decides to join them, it will be the most important decision.

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