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When the demons broke out, humanity was on the verge of complete destruction. When people were on the verge of death after the mass destruction of cities and people, there was a mysterious Wizard who drove the demons. Since then, it began to be called the king of the Magicians. Many years have passed since then, and now we see before us two main characters: orphans named Yuno and ASTA. They found a new house in the form of a Church in one village. The boys began from early childhood to learn the art of witchcraft, because each of them argued about who will be the next king of magicians. Unfortunately, ASTA had any abilities, he was greatly distressed. But his brother excelled in the use of magical arts. Finally, the main characters knocked on 15 years and of course, one of them got a Grimoire, which gave additional strength, and the second did not get anything. While the boy was grieving deeply about magic, he awakened within himself such forces that he became the owner of a Grimoire with a five-leaf clover. From now on, the two of them go on a great journey to realize the dream and become kings of magicians.

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