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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The main character of the mini-series in the horror genre is currently 35 years old, but despite her age, she continues to live alone. The woman's name is Lisa, and at some point her house is visited by bailiffs. First, the woman was surprised, but then it turned out that living next to a neighbor, while born a girl, left a will in the form of a large house. Despite the fact that he died, the man's body was discovered only 25 years later. In addition, in a strange way he was found dead sitting in a chair. Right after the woman came into the new house, she heard a strange sound. Hearing it, the heroine went to the source and saw a hole in the wall. In an incredible way, Lisa found herself in a different reality, where a lot of rooms, numerous impassable labyrinths and corridors were hidden without end. The world was beautiful and its inhabitants extraordinary. She intends to understand everything in spite of the fact that here every time becomes more and more dangerous and more terrible. Lisa is haunted by the fact that she does not understand: whether the man left her a legacy of such a gift, or drove into a trap?

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