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The protagonist of the eccentric animated series "Beetlejuice" is a Ghost who is considered crazy even in the afterlife. He suffers from loneliness, and to somehow entertain themselves, begins to offer other ghosts their help-because he considers himself a powerful exorcist. Once his services are resorted to by a married couple who crashed in an accident: in their earthly house entered the unpleasant tenants, which would be nice to evict – and for this should be a good scare. Beetlejuice gladly accepts, and the adventure begins.nnBJ has no doubt that he can scare anyone. And that's usually the case. But one day he meets Lydia. This is quite a living girl, that's just to build friendships with other living people she does not work. Classmates think she is strange, and especially Lydia, exasperated, Claire – the typical Barbie doll. No wonder the girl getting hotkey and starts actively interested in the world beyond the grave. So she meets the Beatles, who at the first meeting of habit tries to scare her, but only laugh.nnBJ and Lydia become good friends. They constantly get into difficult situations, from which they are happy to get out. Usually the adventure begins with the fact that Beetlejuice wants to help Lydia to solve the problem. But in the end it is so confusing that the girl has to save his Ghost friend.

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