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The definition of "cult" is often used to a variety of series – sometimes really to the place, sometimes – absolutely not. But, hardly anyone will argue that "Baywatch" certainly and categorically belongs to this category. When it was still in the late 90's began to show on Russian television, the streets really empty – so huge army of fans, he immediately won. And how not to get hooked on such a juicy picture: emerald with white sheep waves ocean, Golden beaches and running on the sand sexy lifeguard-Savior in red swimsuits.nnThe picture is really the strongest element of the series. The plot is simple enough and in each episode develops according to the same scheme. One of the vacationers gets into a difficult situation. For example, an elderly man can wash off into the ocean and throw on stones. Or the girl is on a sinking yacht and because of the strongest panic forgets that she can swim – she herself can not get to the shore. A person in distress notices one of the rescuers and immediately rushes to his aid.nnHowever, the first lifeguard is not always able to immediately save the drowning. As a rule, the spirit unleashes its power on him and he goes into the category of drowning. Then his colleagues hurry to help him. As a result, everything ends well – in the scenery of Paradise beauty Malibu otherwise can not be.

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