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On twelve planets quietly and peacefully live people who founded their own civilization. Humanity created the robotic Cylons, who have their own mind. These creatures decided to fight for their own rights and to achieve recognition from their creators. People refused to give these creatures equal rights, and a bloody war broke out. The warring parties hardly managed to reach an agreement and declare a temporary truce. Over the next forty years, mankind has tried to take Cylon as equals, and robots have surpassed themselves, creating the perfect technical means to destroy all life. Enemies of people decided to wait for the right moment and destroy the world of Twelve colonies.the Attack took place. Almost all of humanity has been destroyed, and the survivors do not pose a serious threat. On the old cruiser "Galaxy" gathered a team of the best of the best. Loyal comrades are trying to do everything possible to give a fitting rebuff to all enemies. The crew of " Galaxy "must accompany the survivors to a mysterious saving planet called" Earth", the existence of which until recently was considered a myth.

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